Follow up on the Pro Tools plugins provlem

Following up on the Pro Tools 10 plug-ins issue, I was not successful in my attempt to guide PT to the Library plugins folder. Moving the symbolic links (aka aliases) from the main PT application folder into the Plug-ins subfolder accomplished nothing.

So, if you upgrade your version of PT, and discover that all of your plugins are missing, then one workaround is to move or copy all of them into the Applications/Avid/ProTools/Plug-ins folder. Nested folders are recognized, so you can keep any organization system that you had.

This is a confusing "bug", because every version of PT prior to 10 has required plugins to sit in either the System or User Library folders.

In any event, I hope that this post is helpful to someone. There are lots of questions and very few solutions posted on the main audio forums.

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A random post about helping Pro Tools to find your plugins

I have a love/hate relationship with Pro Tools. Avid’s recent shift in focus towards bedroom producers is admirable, but they still seem unable to release products that “just work”. I have a gracefully aging MacBook that is living out its retirement as a recording rig. I recently installed the incremental upgrade to Pro Tools 10 (10.3.7), and discovered that on start-up following the installation, all of my plugins were missing. Everything was gone, even the AudioSuite plugins. 

Pro Tools is very demanding, when it comes to upgrades. I followed the recommended approach, which was to completely uninstall the previous version of PT10, and then perform a clean install. Well, several things were missed during the uninstall stage. For example, both the Avid and Digidesign Plug-In folders in the system Library were left untouched. The newly installed PT application folder had symbolic links pointing to the correct Plug-in folders in the Library, but the folders were not accessed at run-time. 

My first thought was that there was an error with the Permissions, and that Pro Tools couldn’t access the Plug-in folders. So I opened up Disk Utility and clicked “Repair Permissions”. Two hours later, all of the permissions were fixed, so I started PT again and hoped for the best. No result. Still no plugins.

Looking at the Pro Tools application folder, I noticed that there was a Plug-ins folder, but it was empty. Would PT look here for plugins on start up? To test this, I copied some AAX plugins from the Library->Avid->Audio folder to this Applications->Pro Tools->Plug-ins folder. I crossed my fingers, started PT, and … success!

It turns out that you can place sub-folders into the Applications/PT/Plug-ins folder, so I added one for AAX plugins, and one for DPM plugins. I also deleted the symbolic links to the Library plugins folders, but I don’t think that should matter either way. For now, I have two copies of all of my plugins, one version local to the Pro Tools application, and one version in the original Library location. 

So for now, I have a working solution, which is to manually copy every plugin from the Library folder to the PT application folder. It just occurred to me that moving the symbolic links (e.g. “AAX Plug-ins”) into the PT application folder might work, which would eliminate the need for manual copying of the plugins. I will give that a go tonight and report back in a comment.

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Recording is done!


Dan finished his backing vocals tonight. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to put down a bass part for KYA. 10 minutes of fiddling with a Big Muff and a DI later, we were done.

What better way to celebrate than with a slice and a pint? Cheers, friends.

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Vocals are finally done!

Dan coached me through the last three songs this afternoon. My diaphragm feels like hamburger. We have a few harmonies and guitar overdubs left, but it finally feels like we might actually finish the album.

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My SUNN Concert Lead amp just arrived. Purchased on eBay from a guy in Utah. I can’t wait to check this thing out!

Colonial Donuts


A show is not complete without stopping for donuts. Colonial Donuts is a bit out of the way, but completely worth it. They are open all night, and the coffee is perfect for burning off the singing sores.




Day one. Setting up takes a long time, with lots of sitting around. We managed to record ten songs today though. It pays to prepare. Many thanks to Ramsey for the engineering magic.


New bass!


Jeff is the proud owner of a brand new Fender Jaguar bass.

I miss my band

Jeff was gone for a month. Now I am gone for ten days. After I get back, Jeff is leaving again. The great thing about being grown ups and having jobs is that we have enough discretionary income to have decent equipment. The criminal thing about this is that we have so little time to spend working on songs and having fun.

We had a lot of momentum going into January, and we were planning to record an album. We are still going to record an album, eventually, assuming that we can remember any of the songs.


Cleaned the practice space


For the first time in a decade, I cleaned the practice space. Who knew that you couldn’t vacuum up guitar strings? If you ever need a device that makes a horrible buzzing noise, vacuum some guitar strings. I also finally racked our PA and preamp. That only took 3 years to accomplish. Baby steps…